The Estee Lauder Companies Celebrate 25 Years Of
The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

As part of the celebration, on 4th of October at 8 PM, four iconic buildings of Singapore will be illuminated in Pink and will get lit up every evening from 7 PM to 10 PM till 11th of October.
Roving Exhibition

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Breast Cancer Awarenes Campaign and advance its cause, Estée Lauder Companies will be partnering with a select group of artists featuring Chan Clayrene, Emma Chong, Lim Zhi Wei, Rachel Koh and Sun Lee Siew Loo, to specially create works of art that will shed light on the cause and highlight the attributes of the campaign - Beauty, Courage, Confidence, Fearlessness and Hope.

Each artist will contribute two artworks that will be featured in a Roving Exhibition taking place from September to October 2017 at multiple locations through this exhibition, Estée Lauder Companies aims to reach the community and inspire action by sharing more about breast cancer, inspiring survivor stories and an early detection message to encourage visitors to go for regular mammogram check-ups.

the tube @ orchardgateway, L3 : 29 Sep - 02 Oct
CHIJMES Lawn : 05 Oct - 08 Oct
Wisma Atria, L1 : 09 Oct - 15 Oct
Chinatown Point, L1 Main Atrium : 16 Oct - 19 Oct
ION Orchard, B4 ION Station : 20 Oct - 25 Oct
Capitol Piazza, B1 Space (Opposite Food Republic) : 26 Oct - 29 Oct
Artworks for Sale

Visit the roving exhibitions to see the creations. You can also contact the artists directly at
50% of sales proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Foundation.

  • ‘The Beautiful Scar’ by Chan Clayrene

    Chan Clayrene is a fashion artist-illustrator and founder of @Artclaytion. Her signature delicate yet striking artworks created with nail polish has garnered a list of international clients such Christian Louboutin, Ralph and Russo, Bally among many others.


    About her Artwork:

    “ Every scar, every wound, every ache inside of you is a story. And stories are the wildest, most powerful things of all. Because stories can build galaxies or make entire universes break and bleed and fall.” – Nikita Gill, You are Made of Stories.

    Clayrene is deeply inspired by this quote and a series of documentary photographs of nude body of breast cancer survivor. She thinks behind every scar there is an untold story of survival. In this collection , Clayrene is further exploring on breast cancer’s campaign vision of “Rethink Pink” through her wearable art sculpture , photography and painting. She used her artworks to beautify ugly scar that are left after surgery and transformed them into a whimsical gown on both sculpture and painting.

  • 'Do not go gentle into that good night' by Rachel

    Rachel is a self-taught calligrapher drawn to the beauty of literature, often copying out favourite poems or paragraphs from her book du jour. An old soul and asthete at heart, she hopes to revive the fading traditions of calligraphy - a craft from a time where writing was an art and not a hassle.

    About her Artwork:

    Poetry in particular, has a special place in her heart. So when she was presented with this challenge of creating an art piece that would honour the strength of those who have struggled through these hardships, she thought of Dylan Thomas' poem, "Do not go gentle into that dark night", a villanelle which celebrates the grit and fortitude of the human spirit, defiant even in the face of death. Aptly paired with the scenery of a night sky littered with a galaxy of stars – its incredibly beautiful and yet frightening in its vastness. In the words of Dylan Thomas himself, Rachel hopes you are inspired not to go gentle into that dark night, for while it may scare you, who knows what might lie beyond.

  • 'Inside Out' by Limzy

    Limzy is one of the regional and international leading visual artist-illustrator. She is best known for her mixed media art made of watercolor and flowers. Her prominent works prompted a huge social media movement influenced by her artistic style.

    About her Artwork:

    Most people are afraid to think about the inside of our bodies, moreover to see it. What cannot be seen could actually be felt within. This work reveals the complete human skeleton and internal organ system, all assembled with layers of pressed flowers. The work invites the viewer to regard our vital structures as beautiful living organisms, and to contemplate the miracles taking place inside our bodies, even in this very moment.

  • 'Embrace the Evolving You' by Sun Lee Siew Loo

    Sun is a Singapore based artist who started illustration in early 2009 using unique pen and ink drawing techniques. She draws inspiration from evolution, space, patterns, animals and nature.


    About her Artwork:

    The word “Cancer” not only attacks you physically; it also debilitates you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The florals symbolises the importance of staying strong spiritually as it can help you maintain an unwavering sense of hope, faith and courage in the face of the disease.

  • ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley…’ by Emma Chong

    Emma Chong is an artist and illustrator whose style approach ranges from surrealism, modern illustration, watercolor and ink. Her art often revolves around the topics of nature and literature that have inspired her on her artistic journey.

    About her Artwork:

    This piece was inspired by a text from Psalm 23:4, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me…”. It tells the story of a woman’s journey through the valley, across dark woods into the vast forest. And as she ventured, there was a calm and serenity reflected in her eyes, just like a quiet pond or a still night sky. Her beauty and fearless spirit, neither hidden nor diminished by the darkness that surrounded her.

    The artist strongly believes that a woman’s strength and inner peace is grounded in her faith in those who love and walk beside her, even in the face of the unknown. That love, shall ultimately, conquer fear and death. In this piece, the artist delves further into the female emotion to uncover a deeper connection between nature and femininity. Each puzzle of the painting is carefully placed to stage a surreal, dreamlike scene - one where fiction meets reality, where meanings take new shape, and the lines between past and present are forever blurred.